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tv   Channel 2 News 5PM  CBS  February 22, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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rubio: you know what i'm excited about? at this time next year joe heck will be your senator ...and it won't be harry reid any more!" and he hit on the issue of land ownership here. rubio: when i am president of the united states i will be the first president in a very long time who believes that the government shouldn't own a majority of the land in the state of nevada." crowd cheers while implementing that would be a whole other most of his address...most in the crowd supported it. dave camp:"we thought it was agreat...we've liked him for a long time and wanted to support him." chris camp:"inspirational! even better in person...i really like his message and he's uplifting it's nice in these negative days to hear someone so positive." barbara jones:"he's a nice likeable guy but i'm really for ted cruz. mostly because of the immigration issue...and our security." and afterward he talked about the importance of winning nevada. rubio:" it looks like a lot of the folks who were supporting
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with us and we have a lot of energy here right now...we feel good about it. " he plans to be in las vegas for the caucus tomorrow. covering campaing 2016 erin breen channel 2 news. earlier this morning, ben carson spoke to a crowd of more than 400 people at piper's opera house in virginia city. the visit was notable for its historical significance... the last time a president or candidate visited the city was in the 1800's andi guevara has this report. carson "i can guarantee they don't like me ..." crowd laughs " dr. ben carson says he's proud to be a washington outsider carson "they began to realize that i'm not gonna play their games" carson had fans cheering when he described the flat tax he would implement if elected, how he'd strengthen our military and re- invest in our space program - all while reducing our national debt. carson "cutting back the size of the federal government, 4.1 million federal employees, tens of thousands of them retire
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carson proposed a health care system that would allow users to control their insurance money like a savings account. carson "if we use the money in the right way, then people will have what they need and for poor people, once they understand, it will be some much better than obamacare for them" more than 400 crowded piper's opera house to see dr. carson. many arriving before 7:30 this morning, waiting through a long line and security screenings. and all just thrilled to be there tracy schroeder, dayton "i think he's a calm person and will be able to talk to other world leaders and i think he's a smart man, i think he'll bring good business" gene munnings, carson city "he wouldn't be trying to divide us, he'd want us to unite together" kirk jensen, virginia city - "i think he's a very good man, a good guy all around, he just doesn't have the money to stay around with the big boys but despite what the polls or pundits say, dr. carson maintains he is not dropping out
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carson "being quiet and mild mannered does not mean not strong and people just need to re-orient themselves and understand how that works covering campaign campaign 2016, andi guevara, channel 2 news and more republican presidential candidates will visit northern nevada tonight and tomorrow. texas senator ted cruz will speak at the boys and girls club on foster drive in reno tonight. doors open at 7 p-m. and front-runner donald trump will host a rally at the rose ballroom at the nugget tomorrow, starting at noon. to r-s-v-p for either event head to k-t-v-n dot com and click the blue "news links" button. preparations are underway in nevada for the republican caucus tomorrow. amanda ketchledge is live at the washoe county gop headquarters with a look at volunteers organizing the event. amanda, what's going on there? kristen--the phone has been ringing off the hook here with voters asking questions about their caucus locations and how
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so volunteers are working to organize every detail by tomorrow so there's no hiccups. adam khan, chairman washoe county republican party: "we're expecting record turnout, which is great because we had 33,000 people in 2012 and we look at what happened on saturday on the democratic side and we don't want anything of the same to happen. they had people in lines that couldn't get in for a wait of 2 to 3 hours." washoe county gop chair, adam khan says they have dozens of volunteers fielding phone calls, organizing papers before the big day tomorrow. he says there are 28 precinct locations for voters and each site will be ready with the necessary items and protocols in place. that's because the washoe gop wants the caucus to be a smooth process. adam khan, chairman washoe county republican party: "people know what's at stake if we don't have an effective caucus and well-organized caucus this time. we risk losing our first in the west status." the republicans required voters to register by february 13th so only voters who registered by
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covering campaign 2016, amanda ketchledge, channel 2 news. and please stay with channel 2 news and "cbs news" for continuing coverage of campaign 2016... through november. "now here's mike alger's first look at the pinpoint 2 forecast" this will be a very mild and uneventful weather week. a large ridge of high pressure is building in offshore which will deflect the energy of any pacific storms up to our north. temperatures will climb from the mid-50s tuesday into the upper 60s by the end of the work week before a low energy system moves in over the weekend, giving us only a slight
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highway patrol troopers have identified a woman who was killed in a fatal crash friday evening. troopers say 55-year-old melanie marnne-lawson was driving south on i-580 --between college parkway and arrowhead drive -- when, investigators say, she drove onto the left shoulder and over- corrected. troopers say her truck hit a concrete wall and she was
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away. today the family of nevada state senator debbie smith announced a public memorial serivce will be held for her sunday. her memorial will be at sparks high school at noon. smith passed away yesterday a year after doctors began treating her for brain cancer. she was 60 years old. smith was first elected to the state assembly in 2000 and won a seat in the senate in 2012. governor sandoval has ordered flags be lowered to half staff through sunday in honor of smith. smith's family has asked in lieu of flowers, donations to be made to the dr. marnie rose foundation, which supports brain tumor research. we have a link to the fund that's been set up in smith's memory at k-t-v-n dot com. senator smith's seat will be filled during the general election in november. if a special session is held before then, the washoe county comission will appoint someone to it. in health watch... lumber liquidators stock dropped nearly 20-percent today -- after the
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prevention said people exposed to certain types of the company's laminate flooring were three times more likely to get cancer than previously predicted. last year, "60 minutes" reported the retailer sold chinese made flooring that exceeded safety limits for formaldehyde. lumber liquidators says it has strengthened its quality assurance procedures. paul: "we're sitting on the social stairs, just one place students can hangout out at the pennington student achievement center. i'm paul nelson, coming up at 5:30, we'll take you for a tour of unr's newest building. signs of heart attack can be different for men and women. dr. letitia anderson is a cardiologist with renown institute for heart and vascular health. if you questions about your heart, our ask the doctor lines are open right now at 858-2222. but first... a man accused of a shooting spree in michigan appeared in court today... who investigators say he admitted to shooting, after the break.
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news... with kristen remington, landon miller, and mike alger's
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looking around the nation... the uber driver - accused of a deadly shooting rampage over the weekend - was arraigned in kalamazoo, michigan today. 45 year old jason dalton appeared by video link at the county courthouse - where he is facing six counts of murder. a judge denied him bail. police say he went on a deadly rampage saturday night. randomly killing six and seriously injuring two others in three separate attacks.
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shooting spree at an apartment complex - where he shot a woman multilpe times. police say dalton admitted he gunned down a man and his 17 year old son at a car dealership several hours later and then killed four more restaurant. some of the victims families from the sandy hook elementary school shooting are suing the maker of the rifle used in the attack. the plaintiffs say the ar-15 assault rifle used in the attack is a dangerous battlefield weapon and was marketed to appeal to gunman adam lanza's desire for empowerment. attorneys for riflemaker bushmaster argued before a connecticut judge the company is not at fault for the december 2012 massacre at the sandy hook elementary school. they argued the case should be thrown out because of a federal law protecting gun makers from lawsuits. a judge will decide on whether the suit should proceed at a later date. apple is asking congress to step in -- as it appeals a ruling
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to help the f-b-i unlock the san bernardino shooting suspect's i-phone. apple's c-e-o wants congress -- or the government -- to create a commission to review the issue of civil liberties in the digital age. in an unusual move yesterday, f-b-i director james comey hammered apple online, writing a frank post titled, "we could not look the survivors in the eye if we did not follow this lead." some of those san bernardino survivors will now reportedly file a legal briefing in court -- appealing to apple to unlock the phone. apple's appeal is due by friday. and mike alger will have a look at your forecast, coming up next. but first... the city of reno has installed more solar-powered trash cans downtown.. how they're designed to cut down on
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welcome back. dowtown reno is getting trashed... but trashed in a good way.. check it out! today the city of reno began installation of 12 new solar- powered trash compactors. you may have seen them before - the city has about 20 of them already these bigbelly compactors will line virginia street through downtown - ultimately helping in the city's blight initiative. david bobzien, councilmember
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the street downtown, it's harder for people to rummage through them for to pull out stuff they want to find, so we end up with less trash on the street. " these trash compactors also contribute to a more energy efficient community. they run on solar power and when it's time to empty them - by compacting the trash, they require fewer pick ups - which leads to less fuel consumption and less pollution. the academy awards are less than a week away... and a new study finds hollywood is woefully lacking in diversity - both behind and in front of the camera. researchers at usc's annenberg school found a system-wide lack of diversity when it comes to gender, race, ethnicity, and l-g- b-t status... and gave a failing grade to every hollywood movie studio... and almost all t-v outlets ... noting a huge gap in under-represented groups. stacy smith/usc study co-author: "i think the prequel to oscars so white is hollywood so white. i think our study makes it really clear. hollywood is a
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the report found the gender gap runs deep. only "one-third" of speaking characters went to females - despite women representing 50-percent of the population. overall, the authors found just more than 28-percent of speaking roles went to racial or ethnic minorities. and more than half of all media content failed to portray an asian in a speaking or named part. "channel 2 news continues with chief meteorologist mike alger's pinpoint 2 forecast, broadcast certified by the american meteorological society!" this will be a very mild and uneventful weather week. a large ridge of high pressure is building in offshore which will deflect the energy of any pacific storms up to our north. temperatures will climb from the mid-50s tuesday into the upper 60s by the end of
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energy system moves in over the weekend, giving us only a slight chance of a shower on this will be a very mild and uneventful weather week. a large ridge of high pressure is building in offshore which will deflect the energy of any pacific storms up to our north. temperatures will climb from the mid-50s tuesday into the upper 60s by the end of the work week before a low energy system moves in over the weekend, giving us only a slight chance of a shower on saturday. this will be a very mild and uneventful weather week. a large ridge of high pressure is building in offshore which will deflect the energy of any pacific storms up to our north.
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climb from the mid-50s tuesday into the upper 60s by the end of the work week before a low energy system moves in over the weekend, giving us only a slight chance of a shower on this will be a very mild and uneventful weather week. a large ridge of high pressure is building in offshore which will deflect the energy of any pacific storms up to our north. temperatures will climb from the mid-50s tuesday into the upper 60s by the end of the work week before a low energy system moves in over the
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chance of a shower on saturday. let's check in on the roads with our traffic reporter chaison dean in the alice 96 point 5 traffic center. expect to see some light traffic getting on to 395 northobund from i80 east luckily there are no accidents or incidents to report so please continue to drive safely. i'm chaison dean and that's your traffic. coming up...two local college students are entering into a competitive industry with a new startup. details on which one coming up at 5:30. plus, coming up after the
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lthy -
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we're talking about heart attack signs for women... and tips to keep your kids' hearts healthy -- in tonight's ask the doctor. cardiologist, dr. letitia anderson is my guest... she's with the renown institute for heart and vascular health. 1 many people think heart attacks always happen suddenly, without any warning... but that's not always the case. 2 what are warning signs unique to women? 3 if you're experiencing one or more of those signs, at what point should you go to the hospital? 4 studies have shown that fatty
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childhood... what can our kids be doing to protect their hearts? many people think a heart attack is always sudden. but many heart attacks start slowly as mild pain or discomfort, which can come and go. for both women and men, the most common sign of a heart attack is pain or
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chest. it can be mild or strong and can last more than a few minutes, or it can go away and come back. women are more likely while the signs of a heart attack can happen suddenly, they paul: "sometimes university of nevada students just feel like they need meditation and reflection. now they can come to the meditation and reflection room -- and it's just one of many things offered at the student achievement center. i'm
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how two college students are working to take a bite in the 742 million dollar industry of
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"this is channel 2 news, coverage you can count on" mariah "i actually think it's fantastic. i walked through earlier and i decided i needed to come back to study and hang out." the newest building at the university of nevada is open for
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achievement center that brings several different services under one roof. your first look inside is tonight's channel 2 news big story at 5:30 the william n. pennington student achievement center is located right in the heart of campus -- built where getchell library once stood. good evening -- i'm landon miller. and i'm kristen remington -- thank you for staying with us tonight. administrators say the nearly 45-million dollar building will help improve student engagement -- helping them earn their degrees. paul nelson joins us live from the pennington student achievement center. paul -- students are already noticing the value of that building aren't they? they are kristen -- and it seems like there is something for everyone. students can come here for anything from tutoring to counseling services. it's also a central place where they can study -- or simply decompress. getchell library crash it was a little more than two years ago when demolition began on getchell library -- making way for this 78-thousand
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services. derek "because there's so much stuff there for students to use, that's probably what they're most excited about, seeing computers available and collaboration rooms for them to work in. that's something that they're really excited about seeing." various student services used to be located in six different buildings around campus. now they are right here, in the pennington student achievement center. mariah "the fact that they have the writing center and the math center all in one place now, you don't have to find certain buildings, i think that's a really good thing." it also has an advising center, career studio, and scholars programs, as well as a disabilty veterans center. about 17-hundred veterans attend the university onevada. eric "we specialize and we lead in collaboration. so, it's getting our veterans up for success, and that's what our main goal for our veterans is." how about you guys. whohoo! this genetics class is in one of two brand new state of the art classrooms -- set up in a non- traditional way. derek "they are designed in kind of a 360-degree method, which


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